Sunday, December 10, 2017

Listen Up... 10 Years of reviews

This is Branden’s first Year End List from 10 years ago. Back when he blogged on LiveJournal, and started writing album reviews under the heading of Listen Up. More of these will pop-up as we get ready to take the podcast out of mothballs…

[posted December 31, 2007]
These are the albums of 2007 that I listened to the most — I am guessing those would be my favorite of the year, since they were subject to multiple plays according to my iTunes and iPod. In the order they were released this year…

Year Zero, Nine Inch Nails
City of Echoes, Pelican
Zeitgeist, Smashing Pumpkins
In Rainbows, Radiohead

Of course, I listened to a lot of other music — mostly older stuff that I wanted to listen to for research. So I could get into the headspace of some of my characters for the project I am currently working on. Different music preferences coloring their lives and the music they make in their bands…
Next year, I plan on paying more attention to everything I take in — books, movies, music. Just need to write more. Keep the brain juices flowing, crushing the bones of those that oppose me against the rocky rapids of my shattered skull — exploded from the pressure of the dangerous ideas that no structure has the integrity to contain.

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