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Better Band Season One: Ten

The complete collection of Season One (Ten Era) episodes of the Better Band Podcast for your convenience...

Season One Intro
Welcome to the Better Band Podcast, hosted by Branden Palomo... Each week, a guest and I examine a track from the Pearl Jam catalogue in order to discover why you simply can't find a Better Band.
The Better Band Podcast - Season One Intro

Once (S1.Ep1)
Branden and his guest Randy Sobel (Live On 4 Legs podcast:; discuss the opening track from Pearl Jam's debut album, shotguns, and crack houses...
The Better Band Podcast - Once (S1:Ep1)

Even Flow (S1.Ep2)
Branden talks to Brian Hunt about the TEN track "Even Flow," Weird Al, and tattoos...
The Better Band Podcast - Even Flow (S1.Ep2)

Alive (S1.Ep3)
In this episode, Branden ventures into the Great White North with Monty Gillard to explore the TEN song "Alive," The Tragically Hip, and all things Canada...
The Better Band Podcast - Alive (S1.Ep3)

Why Go (S1.Ep4)
Branden chats up his old friend Kevin Lessard about the song "Why Go," threatening letters, and German Chocolate Cake...
The Better Band Podcast - Why Go (S1.Ep4)

Black (S1.Ep5)
Brad Blazek (Single Podcast Theory podcast:; gives us the straight talk about "Black," Kevin Smith, and being METAL!...) gives us the straight talk about "Black," Kevin Smith, and being METAL!...
The Better Band Podcast - Black (S1.Ep5)

Jeremy (S1.Ep6)
(CW: Suicide - Call 1-800-273-8255 24 hours a day if you need to talk to someone)
Darren Husted (Prince Track-By-Track -; I've Made A Huge Mistake -; many more!) analyzes the finer points of the single "Jeremy", all things Grunge, and of course Prince...
The Better Band Podcast - Jeremy (S1.Ep6)

Oceans (S1.Ep7)
Pearl Jam fan Eddie Quintana (band Dead Start: Apple Music), after being mentioned on all the other PJ Podcasts, comes by to drops science on "Oceans," slow burns, and mistaken identities...
The Better Band Podcast - Oceans (S1.Ep7)

Porch (S1.Ep8)
Branden talks to "F Me In The Brain" (from The PJ Message Boards) about live staple "Porch," the number eight, and ice cream...
The Better Band Podcast - Porch (S1.Ep8)

Garden (S1.Ep9)
Kevin is back to promote his stand-up gigs and talk about the song "Garden," SNL, and podcast punishments...
The Better Band Podcast - Garden (S1.Ep9)

Deep (S1.Ep10)
Guest John Farrar finally makes it around to this PJ podcast to break-through "Deep," and avoid puns, while the host messes up Jerry O'Connell's name...
The Better Band Podcast - Deep (S1.Ep10)

Release (S1.Ep11)
Guest Ryan Bauer joins this episode where we take a look at the "almost" final track of TEN, "Release," He-Man, and lightning...
The Better Band Podcast - Release (S1.Ep11)

Master/Slave (S1.Ep12)
Patrick Boegel lends his wisdom, as we parse the TEN hidden track "Master/Slave," Barcelona, and epilogues...
The Better Band Podcast - Master/Slave (S1.Ep12)

Breath (S1.Ep13)
Hey, remember the movie Singles? Well, Dave Chojnacki does, and he joins the podcast to talk about the the 1st PJ song from the soundtrack: "Breath," vinyl, and time travel...
The Better Band Podcast - Breath (S1.Ep13)

Just A Girl (S1.Ep14)
Eddie Quintana (band Dead Start: Apple Music) returns to talk about the long lost, early song that has nothing to do with No Doubt, "Just A Girl"...
The Better Band Podcast - Just A Girl (S1.Ep14)

It Ain't Like That (S1.Ep15)
Emily Dunster lets us know if this is really a cover of Alice In Chains, or not, as we get into "It Ain't Like That," Washington geography, and Parks & Rec...
The Better Band Podcast - It Ain't Like That (S1.Ep15)

State Of Love And Trust (S1.Ep16)
We return to the Singles Soundtrack with Matt Massey to decipher the secrets hidden within "State Of Love And Trust," super trains, and Albuquerque...
The Better Band Podcast - State Of Love And Trust (S1.Ep16)

Acoustic #1 (S1.Ep17)
This episode's guest, Fred Galpern (the band PLUG -- listen to their new EP Block Out The Sun:, joins us to tackle this song sketch, but mostly tells tales of meeting Ed in person...
The Better Band Podcast - Acoustic #1 (S1.Ep17)

Sonic Reducer (S1.Ep18)
Harry Geyer and I shatter the illusion that this podcast is recorded in order as we talk about Pearl Jam's cover of "Sonic Reducer," the Attack's cover of "Sonic Reducer," and the price of vinyl...
The Better Band Podcast - Sonic Reducer (S1.Ep18)

Ramblings (S1.Ep19)
Last week was a track from the second holiday single, now we go back to the first with guest John Farrar to analyze "Ramblings," middle school moustaches, and seitan...
The Better Band Podcast - Ramblings (S1.Ep19)

Evil Little Goat (S1.Ep20)
Harry Geyer, for the first time, comes back on the podcast to talk about the goofy bop, "Evil Little Goat," hockey, and Winamp...
The Better Band Podcast - Evil Little Goat (S1.Ep20)

I've Got A Feeling (S1.Ep21)
Fellow Pearl Jam Podcast Purveyor, Jessi Zilka (The Porch Podcast:;, stops by to take a listen to the band's take on the Beatles tune. And I think one of those rats from Stranger Things Season 3 is chewing on wires, somewhere...
The Better Band Podcast - I've Got A Feeling (S1.Ep21)

2000 Mile Blues (S1.Ep22)
With the help of guest Roddy Colmer (album "The Little Things" on Soundcloud: we get to the bottom of the outtake jam "2000 Mile Blues," guard dogs, and the magical Oh Henry! candy bar...
The Better Band Podcast - 2000 Mile Blues (S1.Ep22)

Ramblings Continued (S1.Ep23)
Before we wrap-up Season One, Kevin Lessard comes back to talk about the last track we need to cover, "Ramblings Continued," ostalgie, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe...
The Better Band Podcast - Ramblings Continued (S1.Ep23)

Season One Finale
Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be interviewed for the podcast; I literally couldn't have done it without you!
The Better Band Podcast - Season One Finale


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