Sunday, June 13, 2021

Better Band Podcast: Season Six Finale

The Better Band Podcast - Season Six Finale (S6.Ep18)

Season Six Finale (S6.Ep18)

It’s time to give final thoughts on BINAURAL, plus read some letters like a real podcast! Thanks again to everyone who’s given me a listen, and to my guests this season:

Randy Sobel & John Farrar (Live On 4 Legs Podcast -
Joseph Rose (The Grunge Podcast -
Jason Leung (This All Encompassing Trip -
Patrick Boegel
Jeff Benato
Curtis Hames
Bradley Piasecki
Thomas Gregory
Chris Thomas (Up Here In My Tree blog -
Eddie Quintana
Kevin Lessard
Jason Kerepesi & Paul Ghiglieri (State Of Love And Trust Podcast -
Debra McMurtrey

Additional thanks:
Dave JanTauch @


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